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data quality, governance, modelling, security, metadata - data architecture
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Inpreci are a Data Architecture company with experience in leading and delivering data architecture, and solutions, into global corporations. 

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Inpreci - Data Architects

logo inpreci finalAmbitious business objectives and complex change programmes put severe stress on existing data architecture and on IT strategies. As the scope of data architecture widens in an organisation, existing architecture teams  often lack experience and specialist skills in key areas. And compounding this problem, there is a severe shortage of experienced data architects to call on.

inpreci is a data architecture company with experience in leading and delivering data architecture solutions into global corporations. We work as a team, and we offer a carefully tailored, expert, and cost-effective, service to all our clients. The substantial benefits that we can bring include:
    - Simplify target architecture and solutions
    - Effective communication of target architecture and roadmaps
    - Improve the level of trust in solutions
    - Reduce delivery times, often dramatically
    - Reduce overall costs
We can manage and deliver entire projects on or off-site, or our consultants can work with you to deliver solutions in conjunction with your in-house team.  All our consultants are highly-qualified and most participate in industry bodies such as ISO, British Standards Institute (BSI), IAIDQ, DAMA, FEAPO, and others. 
The inpreci Approach:
As well as driving solutions through value, we use a risk-based approach to all our work, using a simple but very effective technique: We identify the current architecture; we assess risks to data; we calculate the potential impact of those risks based on a variety of perspectives; and we use this knowledge to inform the target architectures.
We use a customised TOGAF-style architecture development method to help deliver consistent solutions across all our engagements, and to help us communicate to in-house or partner teams. 
Application areas:
inpreci have helped clients in Financial Services to develop risk solutions (for example Solvency II in insurance). We have developed large global data warehouses and BI systems. We have experience in migrating and archiving data. We have experience of large transactional systems and analytic data systems. And we have implemented data governance in global companies. This is only a selection. Whatever your area we would love an opportunity to discuss your requirements. Please contact us today
inpreci Services:
logo indq2inDQ - Data quality management - top performance data quality management solutions that are deployable onto any technology stack.
inMD - Metadata management - technology-agnostic metadata management that can be applied into any environment, enabling cross-technology applications and services.
inDG - Data governance - our complete and proven framework includes policies,standards, roles and responsibilities, template procedures, as well as educational tools.
inDS - Data security - a complete data security architecture.
inDM - Data Modelling- Conceptual, Logical and Physical data modelling capabilities
CDRM - Complete Data Risk Management - methodology and data risk assessment tools that allow you to identify the areas requiring most attention.

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